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Each year KOA grants a one-time achievement award to Kashmiri Pandit College-bound student(s) living in the USA. Any high school senior student meeting the following requirements qualifies to apply for this award:

  • High school GPA of at least 3.5 (out of a maximum of 4.0, i.e., GPA of B+ and above).
  • SAT score of at least 1325 out of 1600 or an ACT composite score of at least 30 out of 36.
  • A two-page essay about Kashmiri Pandit heritage that address at a minimum the following:
    • How would you define "Kashmiriyat" ?
    • How is the Kashmiri Pandit heritage helping you strengthen your character ?
    • How will you be able to inspire the next generation to carry on this heritage ?
    • What are you doing to learn Kashmiri language and/or culture ?
  • Some evidence of community service.
  • Parents should be KOA members with membership dues paid in the year 2018 (or LIFE members). The link on KOA website to pay membership dues is at:
  • We invite potential applicants to send their vitae, essay as described above, official ACT/SAT scores and transcript(s) sent directly from the school via e-mail to Professor Sunil Kumar Dhar ( All official documents are validated. Prof. Sunil Kumar Dhar is the program director for KOA's achievement awards program. He will be assisted by the two following "outside the community" individuals who have agreed to serve as members of KOA scholarship committee:
    • Professor Mahendra Jani
    • Professor Somenath Mitra








Upload the following documents along with your application for consideration:

(for profile and picture of previous winners, please visit )

Document formats accepted are .csv/.xls/.xlsx/.pdf/.jpg/.jpeg/.doc/.docx

Recent Color Picture

(a couple of paragraphs, not more than half a page)

(Proof of admission in the College)

Terms and Conditions

  • Decision taken by the program director and his committee is final.
  • Applicant's parents are currently dues-paying members of KOA. Contact KOA treasurer at to check for membership status.
  • Applicant gives permission to KOA to store his/her documents, such as profile, resume/vitae, admission proof, official ACT/SAT records, transcript(s), and essay on its portal that are submitted for the consideration of the Achievement award.
  • Documents provided to KOA and/or uploaded to KOA website is KOA property.
  • Should the applicant be picked to be a recipient of the Achievement award, he/she agrees to let KOA put his/her name and profile information provided to be announced on KOA platforms - such as facebook, website, and communication channels.

If there are issues in filling out this application, or any question regarding the application process, please contact the Program director at
Do not send any documents to this address.